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Landscape Painting in 19 minutes | Perfect Beginner Painting

landscape painting in just 19 minutes

Landscape Painting in 19 minutes? Watch this video.

Can we paint a landscape painting in just 19 minutes…? We are about to find out! This is the perfect painting for a beginner. Learn to paint a landscape with step-by-step instruction. With practice, you can be happy with your trees, ocean waves, clouds and entire oil painting!


  1. Kevin, oh my God! You think a beginner like me can do this painting? This is beautiful. Mine will never turn out like yours, but will turn out just a big blob. You have to have a talent to make it look so good.

  2. Hola, me encanta verte , pero no me gusto el que pintaras tan rapido ,encuentro que le quitas el valor que se merece un cuadro al oleo , te lo digo porque yo pinto y veo los detalles nunca pintaria un cuadro a la rapida, aunque te quedo muy lindo

  3. Thank you so much for this. You really did give me hope, I was trying to oil paint without any help and I honestly was just getting frustrated. I didn’t follow along with this video in particular but I watched it all and it gave me hope again and I actually made a painting last night, a self portrait! You’re the best

  4. thank you so much for doing a quicky painting. its so important for me…your 20 min painting will likely take me 4 hours to complete…I love love your work. but typically skip over videos because Im so slow. I really appreciate it!

  5. Paints a beautiful mountain and then in a flash , he just decides to wipe half of it out to put in a tree , i’m thinking , are you mad Kevin … 11 mins later he finishes of a brilliant painting that anyone would be proud of doing , i had to subscribe to his channel after this video

  6. Well, look it takes 19min for Kevin, because this is based on a crazy amount of time on the understanding of colours, composition of objects, and correct way of using brushes. So for very newbie people, don’t be disappointed if we cannot make it…. it’s normal

  7. Hi Kevin!! I love this tutorial, you have no idea how much this helps beginners like me, to see you go through the steps, for people who have very limited funds and are learning to paint as much as possible from what they find free online. Thank you !! Is there any way you might be able to make THIS or a SIMILAR EXAMPLE for ACRYLICS?? I think it would be GREAT!! : )

  8. I need to shout *"WOW !!!"* This is BEEEAUTIFUL!!! Looks like you took many days to at least two weeks or so to paint this !!! Thank You for sharing your techniques and knowledge with us, Kevin!!! WOW!!!

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