Acrylic paint pouring techniques
Acrylic paint pouring techniques

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Acrylic paint pouring techniques. A ridiculously simple, fun and easy way to create beautiful works of fluid art

Acrylic paint pouring techniques, popularly known as “fluid art,” is an interesting technique that can produce beautiful works of art.

The process is simple: pour acrylic paint onto a surface using some commonly used items, then tilt and turn the surface to create interesting patterns.

There are a few things to keep in mind when doing acrylic paint pouring.

First, make sure the surface you‘re working on is properly prepared (Gesso/base prima painted).

Second, use a pouring medium which you can buy or prepare your own (mixed with glue and floetrol in 50:50 ratio) to help the paint flow better and prevent it from drying out too quickly.

Third, experiment with different techniques to create different effects. Attempt to create something that has a story to tell.

Acrylic paint pouring is a fun and easy way to create beautiful works of art. With a little practice, you can produce stunning pieces that will impress your friends and family.

Acrylic paint pouring techniques
Acrylic paint pouring techniques

First let’s debate whether acrylic paint pouring technique is really an art

The debate over whether the acrylic paint pouring technique is an art form or not has been a long and heated one.

On one side, supporters of the pouring technique argue that it takes a great deal of skill and creativity to produce a beautiful and unique piece of art using this method.

On the other side, detractors claim anyone can produce a decent painting using this method, and that it does not require the same level of talent and skill as traditional painting methods.

So, what is the truth? Is acrylic paint pouring an art form, or is it simply a way to produce a quick and easy painting?

Let‘s inspect the evidence. First, it‘s important to understand what the acrylic paint pouring technique involves.

This method involves pouring acrylic paint onto a canvas or other surface, and then tilting and turning the canvas until the paint forms interesting patterns.

The techniques look easy but need a lot of skill and practice

This might sound easy, but it‘s actually quite difficult to control the paint and produce a consistent, beautiful result. It takes a lot of practice to perfect the technique, and even then, there is always an element of chance involved.

This makes each painting unique, and what makes the technique so interesting. So, it‘s clear that there is a great deal of skill involved in producing a beautiful painting using the acrylic paint pouring technique. But does this make it an art form?

Well, that’s up for debate. Some people would argue that anything can be considered an art form if it requires skill and creativity.

Others would say that the term “art” should be reserved for something that is truly unique and original.

Where do you stand on the issue? Is acrylic paint pouring technique an art form, or is it just a quick and easy way to produce a painting?

Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

Now let us dive into the principal topic:

Choosing the right acrylic pouring paint set

The best way to start your pouring artist journey will be to select the pouring paint. There are several options available in the market and it is confusing which one to select.

As a beginner, starting their fluid art journey, we recommend ready to pour premixed acrylic paint. The choice you need to make is between two contenders. Arteza ready to pour acrylic set of 32 Vs. Pouring Masters ready to pour set of 36 colors.

The Arteza ready to pour acrylic paint set of 32 colors, while the Pouring Masters ready to pour acrylic paint, comes with 36 and 48 color sets. We are using the Pouring Masters 36 color set metallic ready to pour paint.

Our recommendation of Ready to Pour Acrylic Paint set

The primary reason being, “Pouring Masters metallic acrylic paint” quality is amazing. The 32 color set includes a 16oz gloss medium, silicone oil and a bonus of 8oz each of metallic gold and silver.

You can start your acrylic pouring art journey for less than $50.We recommend you to buy the “Pouring Masters” metallic paint set and not the normal “Pouring Masters” acrylic paint, since both are in the same price point and the non metallic comes with 48 colors.

Our recommendation of Ready to Pour Acrylic Painting Set with Pros and Cons



  • Set of 36 incandescent metallic colors
  • Each color of 2 Oz premixed and ready to pour
  • Additional 8 Oz 24K Gold and Silver paints in the pack
  • Comes with silicone oil for creating “cells” on your art.
  • Comes with a 16 Oz glossy pouring medium
  • High viscosity and flow
  • Suitable for canvas, wood board, paper and craft
  • You can start at less than $50


  • The paint is a little thick and needs a fair quantity
  • You may need to add the gloss medium to lighten

20 Fun and Easy Acrylic Paint Pouring Techniques

Sit back, relax and enjoy the 1 hour demonstration of 20 acrylic paint pouring techniques.

There are a ton of videos out there on YouTube. However, personally, I have learnt a lot from this artist and his YouTube channel. We credit this video to his channel here.

The artist used and recommended Arteza pouring paints, however, we use and recommend US Art Supplies brand “Pouring Masters” acrylic paint set of 32 colors set.

1. Cookie Cutter Pour

In this technique, the artist uses a cookie cutter hardware and pours the acrylic paints into sequence. The only thing to note here is how he swirls slightly after each color pour.

The combination of the bright acrylic colors on the black base creates an extraordinary eye catching work of art.

2. Ribbon Pour

This is a simple pour technique on a rectangular canvas (length 3:1 width). First, the artist gesso the canvas in black, next he pours the paints sequentially into a plastic cup.

Once the cup is about 3/4th full, he pours the acrylic paint into an up and down zig zag way. He then allows the liquid paint to settle down by slightly tilting the canvas.

3. Pouring with Classic Swipe

In this technique, take a rectangular canvas in ratio 3:1 (length and width). Add a few drops of silicone oil (for creating cells).

Next you pour acrylic paint color by one on the canvas in a row form. Finally, you take a tissue paper or a semi hard board and simply drag the paint from the top to bottom.

You can see the silicon oil effect of colorful cells created. It will look magical on a black canvas.

4. Open Cup Pour

In this technique, you take a square canvas (12″x12″) gesso it with black or you can also use a black canvas.

Use a bottomless cup (use a coffee cup and cut out the bottom), keep the acrylic paints ready poured into several cups of each color and add 1-2 drops of silicone oil. Next, you pour one by one inside the open cup.

5. Flip Cup

Take a square canvas (I recommend 12″x12″), pour 5-6 colors of acrylic paint into a plastic cup, add a few drops of silicone oil. In this technique, you flip the cup and pour the paint on canvas.

Use a heat blower (you can use your hair dryer). This will create the cells instantly. You can then tilt up, down and sideways to distribute the paints on the canvas.

6. Ring Pour Technique 

This is a simple acrylic pour technique. Take 12 colors poured into separate cups. Use a 12″x12″ canvas and gesso it with black color. Pour and empty each cup in a circular motion.

Then tilt and move the canvas in a circular motion.

7. Kiss Pour Technique

Take a round white canvas, gesso it white or put on a coat of white acrylic paint. Create 2 sets of different color combinations. Red, Orange, Yellow and Blue, Green, Violet.

Pour 3 colors of acrylic paints into a cup. Pour the color on the canvas. Next pour the other set of colors on the canvas.

8. Kiss Pour Feather Technique (aka Traveling Kiss Pour)

This is one of my favorite technique. Take a square canvas (12″x12″). Take two cups, in one cup pour black acrylic paint, in the other pour 4 colors (Deep blue, sky blue, green and beige).

Pour both the cups together on the canvas in a corner to corner diagonal motion, pouring a little more paint at the center of the canvas.

Pour additional black acrylic at the remaining space on the canvas. Use a popsicle stick to distribute the colors and then draw a line at the center.

Once it completes, it resembles a feather shape. It looks amazing!

9. Infinity Pour 

In this technique you take a square canvas of 12″x12″. Make two cups of acrylic paints. In one pour alternative colors of red, orange, yellow and in another black and white in an alternate sequence of 5 times.

Once the paint is ready, pour on the canvas on together using circular motions. Tilt the canvas to distribute the paint.

10. Ripple Ring Pour with Golden Pearl Cells 

In this technique, use a square canvas. Take two cups of acrylic paint. In one cup, pour metallic acrylic paint in a golden color (We recommend Poring Masters 32 colors metallic acrylic paint set). Add a few drops of silicone oil. In the other cup, pour “Pouring Masters” acrylic paint light green, dark green and black.

Pour both cups on the canvas using a clockwise circular motion. Tilt the canvas to distribute the paints throughout the canvas. Once complete, use a heat gun to blow. You can see the golden cells appear which resemble shiny pearls on the greenish background.

11. “Wrecked” Ring Pour

In this technique, you take a square 12″x12″ canvas. Pour assorted acrylic paints into 3 separate cups. Use a circular technique to pour the paint on the canvas. Use the other two cups on the sides of the canvas.

Tilt the canvas in a circular mode and distribute the paint over the canvas. Use your fingers to color the sides of the canvas.

12. Bottle Bottom Pour

In this technique, use a square canvas. Pour black acrylic on the canvas. Cut the bottom part of an empty 500ml Coca-Cola bottle. Pour the acrylic paints into fresh cups and keep it ready.

Put the cut bottle bottom up, pour each color on the prop and allow the paints to trickle down. This creates a floral effect on the canvas.

13. Traveling Ring Pour

Take a square canvas, pour multi colored acrylic paints into a cup. Pour from one one corner to another of the canvas in a diagonal corner to corner moving in a swirling pattern.

Tile the canvas to disperse the colors throughout the canvas to cover all the area. 

14. Chameleon Cell Pour

Multiple colors poured into separate cups. Pour each cup starting from the middle. The technique is to pour in a swirling pattern.

Pull the color with a wide paint scrapper. Disperse the whole canvas with color. Use a teeth hair clip, dip the edges with silicone and dab it on the canvas in a lined pattern. The cells appear immediately.

15. Mardi Gras Beads Swipe

Pour multiple color acrylic paints in a sequential diagonal pattern, then disperse the paint over the canvas in diagonal rows.

Use a bead, hold the ends of the bead, position it diagonally and lightly draw the bead over the colors from the middle part to one end. Repeat the same process and move to the other end.

Use a heat gun to blow the paint and cells appear.

16. Beach Waves Pour

Take a rectangular canvas, pour sand color acrylic at a diagonal angle starting at one corner of the canvas. Take light blue and deep sea blue acrylic pour paint. Pour diagonally each color of light and deep blue.

Once you cover the sequence for the whole canvas, pour white acrylic paint on top of the rows.

Use a blower on the white paint to create a foam effect.

17. Reverse Dip

This acrylic pouring technique is for the intermediary level. You will use a square canvas and on it you pour acrylic paint into small portions in a swirling manner. Continue the sequential technique until the pattern grows in size.

While the paint is still wet, you cover the whole canvas with a thin transparent plastic sheet, to cover the whole paint. Fold the plastic from each corner and lift it up.

It transforms into a unique design. You can experiment with the pattern with different colors.

18. Air Swipe

In this technique, you’ll need a 12″x12″ canvas. First gesso it white or use white acrylic paint to cover the canvas. 

Next you pour the ready to pour multiple colored acrylic paint directly on the canvas in a diagonal pattern. Add a few drops of silicone oil scattered on the canvas.

Once this is done, you use a hand blower to blow the paint from the center to each side. Tilt the canvas a little on each side to disperse the paint.

19. Chain Pull (fish bone design)

In this technique, you can use a square canvas, then put a coat of acrylic paint in a dark contrasting color.

Use a chain. Fold it into two or take two separate chains. Put different colors on the beads and slowly put each chain diagonally on the canvas. Slowly lift and pull the chain to the sides.

This will create a feather or fish bone shape.

20. Strainer Pour (Sunflower design)

In this technique, you need a drain strainer and only two contrasting colors. Yellow and black. We recommend using black acrylic paint or gesso the canvas in black. Use the strainer keeping it at the desired spot you want the sunflower center.

Pour the yellow acrylic in sequence with black acrylic pour paint. Slowly, the paint disperses on the canvas, creating a unique eye catching impact.

Acrylic Painting Ideas for Beginners


Ready for the next level of acrylic paint pouring? Create stunning pieces of art with these acrylic paint pouring techniques (intermediate level skills).

If you’re tired of the acrylic pouring abstract art that looks pleasing to the eye but has no meaning or story to tell, then you need to scale up on a few more techniques.

We love another YouTuber, “AB Creative,” who creates some inspiring pieces of art using acrylic pouring techniques. However, we recommend you to first practice the beginner’s techniques and get control on the acrylic flow and swipes. Later, you can venture to this level that needs a little more skill and patience.

The below video is one of my favorite projects. This involves acrylic pouring technique with some crafty skills.

Our recommended acrylic pouring paints and accessories used for the acrylic pour painting projects

Pouring Masters 36-Color Metallic Ready to Pour Acrylic Pouring Paint Set with Silicone Oil & Gloss Medium - Premium Pre-Mixed High Flow 2-Ounce & 8-Ounce Bottles - For Canvas, Wood, Paper, Crafts

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This is our recommended acrylic pouring paint set.

ARTEZA Acrylic Pouring Paint, Set of 32, 2oz Bottles, Assorted Colors, High Flow Acrylic Paint, No Mixing Needed, Art Supplies for Pouring on Canvas, Glass, Paper, Wood, Tile, and Stones

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This is our 2nd recommendation, instead of the "Pouring Masters"

Mont Marte Canvas Panel (pack of 12), 12 X 12 inches, Canvas Panel Great for Students to Professional Artists

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Economical and value for money. Best for beginners to practice.

PHOENIX White Blank Cotton Stretched Canvas Artist Painting - 10x20 Inch / 6 Pack - 5/8 Inch Profile Triple Primed for Oil & Acrylic Paints

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U.S. Art Supply Black Gesso Acrylic Medium, 500ml Tub - 16.9 Ounces Over a Pint

as of June 14, 2024 3:41 pm

For canvas surface prep. This is optional and you can use to create a better flow of the acrylic paints.

Liquitex BAICS Gesso Surface Prep Medium, 16-oz, White

as of June 14, 2024 3:41 pm

For canvas surface prep. This is optional and you can use to create a better flow of the acrylic paints.

Mini Heat Gun for Crafts, Dual Temp Hot Air Gun Tool for Epoxy Resin, Shrink Wrap, Vinyl Wrapping, Shrink Tubing, Embossing, Electronics, Candle Making, Sublimation, Phone Repair Chandler Tool (Blue)

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Remove bubbles and smoothen the pour

Westminster, Inc. World's Smallest Blower - Real, Working, Tiny, Dual Powered Leaf Blower

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Create cells and foam effect

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Carykon Paint Scrapers for Art DIY, Pack of 4

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Comment and share with us your acrylic paint pouring techniques.