6 Easy Watercolor Techniques for Beginners

1. Beautiful Washes

Let's start with the basics - the wash technique! Wet your brush, load it with watercolor paint, and apply even strokes across the paper. Experiment with colors to create captivating gradients.

2. Controlled Wet-on-Dry

Achieve precision with the wet-on-dry technique. Dip your brush in watercolor paint and apply it on dry paper. Perfect for adding details and defining shapes.

3. Salty Textures

Experience the magic of salt texture! Sprinkle a pinch of table salt on wet paint, and watch as mesmerizing patterns emerge. Once dry, gently brush off the salt for captivating textures.

4. Blending with Plastic Wrap

Unleash creativity with plastic wrap! Apply watercolor paint to your paper, cover it with crumpled plastic wrap, and let it work its magic. Remove the wrap to reveal intriguing patterns.

5. Stamp It Up!

Explore everyday items as stamps! Use bottle caps, sponges, or paintbrush ends dipped in paint to add fun shapes and textures to your artwork.

6. Splatter Effect

Add a playful touch with the splatter effect. Load your brush with paint, hold it above the paper, and tap for tiny droplets of color. This adds energy and excitement to your artwork.

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